Shaking off the cobwebs


It’s been a while, yet again… hello? … echo…?
Well, life’s been rather busy, but isn’t it always. I haven’t picked up the camera as much as I would have liked. Not in a long time. But then, that’s what happens, isn’t it, with two kids under 2… No time for anything.

Today, though, was really lovely – sitting in the grass at the front of the house, the almost-2-year old drawing on the cobblestones with some chalk, and the almost 3 month old asleep on a blanket beside me.

And me, re-acquainting myself with my macro lens a little bit. Fun, fun, fun.

2015-06-07, macros in the garden1-2

(the snow leopard above is from … I don’t know, months ago, from a visit to Dublin Zoo which was, unfortunately, cut short by rain and a cranky toddler… haha, yeah, oops.)

~ by Simone on June 7, 2015.

One Response to “Shaking off the cobwebs”

  1. The joys of havingkids … you end up with way less time for everything. I know we’re way down on the number of photos we’ve taken of Victor compared to Charlotte. I’m trying to change that though :) It has gotten easier in the last month or so. I think we’d photos every day of Charlotte for the first year… not so with Victor though he also started the creche a lot earlier.

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